Forever Long 2021

My main composition is Forever Long which originated around 1995, click here for the new 2021 Studio performance of it.
That release contains a pipe organ track, click here if you would like to hear what it sounds like by itself.

I also have a pipe organ solo version, and also a grand piano solo version

This is a remix of the original production

My song from 2001 is titled Rain, this is the studio performance of it, featuring me on vocals

This is Variations on Splendor, which is of a song chorus from probably 1995.

I have a lengthy piano solo called Untitled 2, also called "End".

Untitled 2's sister piece is called Trinity, which sounds similar due to both being piano solos.

Untitled 5 is something from 2005 using synth and piano, and is designed to be very atmospheric.

Antiphonal Song is based on something I wrote around 1995, and is performed on the Antiphonal Organ at my church.

I put most of my material online, so for more, you can go to my Soundcloud page.

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