CCOB Organ Sounds

These sounds are rank examples of the 4 manual, 80-rank Austin pipe organ at Christ Church of Oak Brook in Illinois, that has an Allen console with 40 additional digital ranks (120 total).

Sanctuary Photo and Console Photo

8' Nitsua Celeste (Antiphonal) and 8' Spitzflote (Choir)
This features the Nitsua by itself on the right, then the Spitzflote on the left, then both together.
The Nitsua is "Austin" (the manufacturer) spelled backwards, it was "Dolkan Celeste" on the original console.
The music is the short Main Theme from the chorus of my composition Forever Long, a full demonstration is below.

8' Cor De Kruyter (Solo)
This digital rank is named after the founding pastor Arthur DeKruyter.

8' Bombarde (Great)
This is a demo showcasing the Great Bombarde (left), which is loud and bright, then the 8' Trompette in the Antiphonal Great (right), then both together.

8' Trompette en Chamade
A melody on it, pipes are located in the rear center, winded by a separate regulator that is turned on and off at the console.

Chorus on the Trompette en Chamade
This gets very loud. It also has full organ alone (with mixtures and reeds), and then both the en chamade and full organ.

8' Violone (Great)

8' Rohrschalmei (Antiphonal Positiv)

4' Spillflote

4' Koppelflote

Great Principal Chorus

Antiphonal Principal Chorus

4' Nachthorn

Flutes Demo

Main Theme from Forever Long
This is a demonstration of the chorus theme using full organ without mixtures, in the key of G instead of D. The full piece on a different instrument can be heard here.
What's played here is the Theme, followed by what I call a "changeup", followed by the Theme again with a different melody. I then repeat that with quiet celeste stops.
Here's the 2021 studio version of Forever Long if you're interested in hearing it.

Variations on Splendor
This is a demonstration of the overall instrument sound, this is registration variations of a chorus I wrote when I was young titled Splendor.
I build the sound up until it's full organ with reeds, using the Bombarde as a showpiece reed.

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